New TriYoga Center ~ Wädenswil, Switzerland

///New TriYoga Center ~ Wädenswil, Switzerland

Seven years ago, Swiss teacher Ranjani (Rebecca Feller) asked Kaliji if she could open a TriYoga Center in Wädenswil, near Zurich in Switzerland. Kaliji readily approved. Ranjani then began a patient search for the perfect place…


…she even told her students a few months ago “I have found it!” they asked where and she said “it hasn’t been built yet!” She had seen a beautiful building on the lake road that was about to be renovated, and she knew that would be TriYoga’s newest hOMe in Switzerland.

The center is harmoniously designed, with a flowing feeling around moveable walls and open windows.


She invited Kaliji to come open the new center after her programs in the Alps.


Kaliji performed ceremonial puja, as Mercury Max chanted mantra.


Ranjani was so touched by this special event,


and they both look forward to the next time the flow brings them together.

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