New TriYoga Center ~ Eriswil, Switzerland!

///New TriYoga Center ~ Eriswil, Switzerland!

On Thursday, April 16 Kaliji inaugurated the new TriYoga Center in Eriswil, Switzerland, at the studio of TriYoga teacher Marliese Zingg.

Kaliji and Marliese

The beautiful TriYoga Center has been designed by Marliese in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui.

The stairs leading to the TriYoga Center, decorated with the colors of the cakras.

After the Flow class, Kaliji led chants and mantras.

Kaliji presented Marliese with a crystal Sri Cakra and a crystal Ganapati.

Marliese offered gifts to her first two TriYoga students.

Group photo from inauguration.

The event concluded with a delicious vegan meal.

Eva Maria and Marliese arranged a horse-drawn carriage ride through the hills surrounding the TriYoga Center, in celebration of Kaliji’s recent birthday on April 11.

Kaliji and the TriYoga team enjoyed beautiful Spring weather during the carriage ride, but sudden winds and approaching rain had them wearing as many clothes as possible!

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