New parents, Citrini and Chris

///New parents, Citrini and Chris

On August 6, Pennsylvania TY teacher Citrini gave birth to Jonathan Michael Ware.

Citrini’s message to everyone follows ~

On 8/6, at 5:58pm, Jonathan Michael was born. He was 5 lbs 15 oz
and 20 inches long. He is healthy and beautiful!

Early labor began on 8/5 while I was seeing clients, around 2pm. It
progressed, but was manageable. I taught a Level 2 yoga class until
7:15pm (with contractions 5 minutes apart lasting 30 seconds) and got
home around 8:30pm. Early labor continued to progress and kept me up all
night. In the morning, I was tired. A long bath and 1-hour nap (finally) helped.
Then labor began to pick up, with some movement. Chris and I took a long walk
(1.5 hours for our usual 20 minute loop around our hilly neighborhood).
When we got home, it was time to go to the birth center. I arrived at the
birth center at 3:45pm. I got in the hot tub and labored there for 1.5 hours
until my water broke. Then I got out to push. No pain medications were used;
a fully natural miracle. Jonathan was born shortly after this! Jonathan was born
to Mercury’s Flow VI. Just after birth, the music changed to Nada Himalaya.

I am recovering, and Dad and baby are adjusting.

Lots of love, and joy,

Jaya Guru Devi~

Happy parents after arrival

One more detail to add to the tale of Jonathan’s birth:

Dad delivered him. Dad only had his hands on Jonathan’s head, shoulders,
and body before bringing him to mom’s abdomen. Dad also cut the
umbilical cord. Midwife, nurse, and doula stood by and encouraged, but
father did it all!

Citrini and Chris, doula and midwife

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