New Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

///New Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

Loft_TTJunior-level teacher trainer Xixi began her first Basics Teacher Training the weekend of August 30 at the TriYoga Loft in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen, China.

LoftTTA total of 9 students joined this training, which will take place with weekend sessions in the city, and longer sessions at the TriYoga retreat center in the nearby mountains. Most of them had practiced TriYoga before, and find it easy to go “into the flow.”

Xixi is joined in the training by TY Teacher Ma Mei (founder of the TY Retreat Center) and TY Teacher Sisi (who also has translated teacher trainings for John, Santoshi, Gina and Katya). John will go in December for the certification of these new interns.

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