Nandi's 60th Birthday

On Friday Nov. 21, Nandi celebrated her birthday in Santa Cruz at the TriYogathon with Kaliji.

Some birthday wishes that have come in for Nandi ~

Happy Birthday Nandi!!!!
Have a wonderful loving birthday.
Sending you a big hug and kiss!!!!



Wishing a Very, Very Happy Birthday to Dear Nandi !

I have much love and gratitude, as Nandi was one of my first TriYoga Teachers, other than Kaliji.
Nandi is very gifted, capable, generous and inspirational.
I have received much guidance from her, in my TriYoga Journey.
Also, thank you, Nandi, for all your support on many instances !
You made all the difference !
As you know, you will always hold a very special place in my heart !
All Blessings to you on this 60th birthday !

Love always,



Happy birthday to you…. congratulations from germany…
you are in my heart… i wish you a very nice birthday!!!!

Monika W.


Please tell Nandi that I said Happy Birthday.
Also, I hope that she has the most amazing time in India with Kaliji!

Barbara Montgomery


Dear Nandi!

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are so unique, so kind, so much love in you……..

I wish you all the best in all possible terms!

I love you so much and very glad that I met you in this life!

Ananda from Moscow

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