Mysore ~ December 19


On Sunday, 19th December, Yogini Kaliji, Dr. Pai, and assistants concluded the 4th TriYoga Satsanga Yatra with two events. The Yatra, organized
by SKRS Pai Memorial Sri Vedavyasa Yoga Foundation, began Sunday, 12th December, 2010. The final programs were at Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Subbarayanakere, Mysore.


The first event was the inauguration of the library at Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt.
Kaliji officiated with various rituals that ceremoniously inaugurated the library.

The second event began with a lively chanting session. Dr. Pai then led the group in call-and-response chanting.
The invocation was sung, a heartfelt meditative rendition. Kaliji lit the inaugural lamp.


Kaliji’s awe-inspiring demonstration was accompanied by Dr. Pai’s beautiful Sanskrit chants.
The demonstration was punctuated with repeated applause.


One may think that with such a challenging series of dynamic postures that the breath would have shifted during or after the demonstration. In fact, though, Kaliji’s breath remained long and quiet.
When we do pranayama, we are going to the cosmic gas station. Our consciousness will expand when the energy increases.


Kaliji then demonstrated and taught a series of graceful, flowing mudras. The audience showed joy and appreciation with the mudra flow.

This program was organized by Shri Sushamindra Seva Trust, and Sri Vedavyasa Yoga Prathisthana.
Participants included Bhajana Troops and yoga enthusiasts.

In the evening, Kaliji joined the stage with Sri Swamiji and Bala Swamiji and (from left) Sri. Ram Prabhu, Sri. Ravi Gananananda, Mr. Divik Nini Thowok and Dr. Ide Pedanda Gde Putra Talabah.
Dr. Ide Pedanda Gde Putra Talabah had performed a traditional Balinese ritual, and Mr. Divik Nini Thowok had given a traditional Balinese dance performance.

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