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The second half the week in Mysore was focused on music immersion. Prasann, the great tabla player who accompanied Kaliji during chanting in the Goa retreat, agreed to come down to Mysore to teach tabla and bells. Of course, as always in the flow, he arrived on January 5th. All are happy with the opportunity to develop musical skills. Classes start at 8 am and finish at 10pm.

For those who are interested in melody, there are daily morning classes with Sheetal right in Nada Mantapam. Sheetal is a support keyboard player for Sri Swamiji’s Celestial troupe. He is the only westerner to win the ashrama bhajan competition. He lives and breathes music and loves teaching others to play and sing Sri Swamiji’s bhajans. A group of TriYogis are learning the Sri Mata bhajan composed by Sri Matajayalaksmi Herself.

The days begin and end with music!

Mysore news continues on page 3

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