Mysore ~ December 14

//Mysore ~ December 14

Mysore ~ December 14

On Dec 14, Kaliji visited two different locations.

The morning venue was Karnataka Kala Bhavan. Participants were district high school headmasters.
The program began with a beautifully sung invocation and giving of gifts to distinguished presenters, followed by introductory remarks.

After lighting of the lamp, Dr. Pai introduced Kaliji. He spoke of the origin of TriYoga in 1980 through Kriyavati Siddhi when the spontaneous flow of asana, pranayama and mudra expressed through her. She has systematized this TriYoga method from Basics to Level 7.

Dr. Pai also shared that Kaliji has presented 34 keynote addresses at yoga conferences internationally and has been featured as one of 208 most influential women worldwide in the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London.

Kaliji expressed the honor she feels on speaking with distinguished educators of India. All over the world people speak of the high standards of education in India.
She spoke of the amazing discoveries and inventions that have come forth from India historically. With this background and the fact that India is the next great superpower, this can add more stress to an educator’s mind since they want themselves and their students to achieve the highest standards of education.

Kaliji spoke of how we need to become aware of the stress in our minds by being aware of the thoughts. To remain in a more sattvic balanced state of mind is needed to become stress-free.
Yoga gives real jnana on how to deal with stress:

  • How we think is related to our breath through the close relationship between manamaya kosa and pranamaya kosa
  • Abhyasa yoga delivers how to live a stress-free life. We need to control the mind by doing the best we can and then surrendering. We can’t always control external events but we control how we respond to these events.

Kaliji continued with a demonstration of TriYoga, showing it brings a stress-free life. She began the TriYoga Devi dance of asana, pranayama and mudra, accompanied by the Sanskrit chants by Dr. Pai. Simultaneously, Kaliji’s mudras were presented in a Powerpoint slide show. Over one thousand mudras have expressed through Kaliji through the power of kundalini shakti.
The demonstration concluded to great applause and a standing ovation for Yogini Swamini Kaliji and her presentation.

The afternoon venue was Mysore District Judicial Court. Delegates were honorable district judges, lawyers and notaries.
Following a brief introduction, Kaliji and top dignitaries were honored with a garland and shawl.
Dr Pai, Sanskrit scholar and organizer of the TriYoga yatra, introduced Swamini Kaliji.

Kaliji began with a statement in Kannada which brought happy laughter. She continued to the audience of lawyers:

As advocates and lawyers, one would tend to be more analytical, have a more developed left brain. As lawyers, all three modes must be developed, the analytical mind (left brain), the
creative mind (right brain), and pure intuition. A yoga practice that supports this balance is Surya-Chandra, or alternate nostril breathing. This and other yoga practices
develop a calm, balanced and discriminating mind.

Lawyers have an advantage in having developed the discriminating mind.
This mind is very useful in Self inquiry. Without discrimination, there is no meditation.
Try a daily practice in breathing and meditation and observe the results.

Kaliji concluded with a demonstration of mudra and flowing TriYoga dance of asana, pranayama and meditation. The appreciative audience applauded.

Afterwards, many gathered around asking questions and speaking with Sw Kaliji.

Prior to the program that day, Sri Swamiji called Kaliji to plant the first seed for an auspicious rudraksha tree.

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