Mysore ~ December 12

//Mysore ~ December 12

Mysore ~ December 12

Upon arrival in India, Kaliji was greeted by friends and students from several countries, and from Mysore as well.

During the vegan meal, Swami Manasa Datta, in an effortless jnana flow, spoke on the energetics of food and how thoughts have an effect on food. Right, friends Shreedhar, Nalini and baby Adi.

On Dec. 12, Kaliji began the 4th TriYoga Yatra (tour) in Mysore and surrounding areas. The Yatra, organized
by Sri Vedavyasa Yoga Foundation, began at Sri Madhava Krupa.

Kaliji presented a fascinating talk and demonstration on TriYoga to an appreciative audience of yoga teachers and students.
In the lecture on TriYoga, she emphasized the importance of a sattvic yoga practice including the calm, balanced flow of breath. This sustained, calm breath leads to pratyahara and dharana, that is, concentration and meditation. In TriYoga practice, the breath can be compared to a string of mala beads. In this analogy, the asanas are the beads.
We need energy to sustain meditation. One gains energy from the practice of asana, pranayama, and dharana, and flows into stillness. One must be accountable for every movement, every breath. Thus, within the TriYoga practice, there is the potential to practice all eight limbs of astanga yoga at one time.

Kaliji presented a magnificent magical demonstration of mudra and asana flow accompanied by Dr. Raghavendra Pai’s Sanskrit chants as the audience watched in awe.
The presentation was followed by appreciative applause.
A talk about the origin of TY through Kriyavati Siddhi preceded Kaliji’s talk/demonstration.

An audience member asked how can Kaliji not be tired after the long demonstration that included so many challenging postures. Kaliji explained that there is no asana without attention to diet. For over 30 years, Kaliji has practiced a vegan, plant-based diet,
for love of animals, and also for the environment and health.

Patanjali Yoga Shikshana Samiti, Chiranjeevi Yoga Kendra and Swabhiman Trust, and Vedavyasa Yoga Foundation sponsored the program. Nearly 200 yoga students and enthusiasts were present.

The evening featured a visit to the exquisite Mysore Palace.
Kaliji with Sri Kanth ~ Sri Kanth has been Kaliji’s driver and organizer in South India for several years.

Right, TY teachers Ganga from Florida and Ananda from Siberia.

There are more than 20 students on this part of Kaliji’s tour, coming from the US, Russia, Switerland and Germany.

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