Mudra Tele-class with Kaliji

///Mudra Tele-class with Kaliji

Kaliji gave the first TriYoga tele-class, on the topic of Mudra, on July 11. Twenty-eight students were in attendance, calling in from around the US and Germany, and others who could not attend the class have since listened to the podcast. More tele-classes will be offered in future, and more information about the mudra class can be found here.

Here is what students are saying:

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I recently attended Kaliji’s very special teleclass on Mudras. It was absolutely lovely, and a perfect way to receive an introduction in the teachings of these high level and very unique mudras.

Kaliji’s connection with these mudras is pure, and her knowledge and wisdom runs deep – it was very exciting to be a part of the class, and to experience the subtle, but powerful energy each mudra produced.

It is a very powerful gift to be able to make a shift from being in a world that is fast paced and stressful, to entering into a place of deep peace and serenity by connecting with the energy and spirit within through the mudra.

It was an absolute joy to participate in this teleclass; the teaching was clear, and with the aid of pictures of each mudra provided through the website and pdf files, it was as close to being in person with Kaliji as you could get without actually being there.

I feel it would be a great way to teach an entire course on mudras. People from many different places would be able to participate at the same time. And for those who are unable to travel to a location where Kaliji might be, they only need to pick up the phone and connect with her and her teachings.

Thank you, Kaliji, and thank you for sharing this rich teaching!


In Love and Light,

Patty Baker
Santa Cruz, CA


JGD, Kaliji,

I listened to the audio class on mudras last night as I wasn’t available on Wednesday. It was great and helped me learn and begin to understand many new things. Having it available afterward is good, as I can go back and absorb more at later times. Thank you for doing it! I hope you will do other classes like this, perhaps in Yoga Philosophy?




Emma and Shanti loved the program and Emma learnt some new mantras.
Just to hear Your Voice the power of Mantra is Alive and flowing…


JGD Dear Guru!

It was wonderful to hear you live on the telephone conference here on Cape Cod! It felt as though you were right next to me. Great opportunity.

Joyful Summer to you . . .



Dearest Kaliji,

Thank you so much for creating the teleconference this evening. It was my first experience. I found it to be very satisfying! I appreciate your knowledge. I am grateful to you for sharing it. I look forward to many, many more sessions in this manner. You are such a light in my life.

Blessing to you.




Jaya Guru Devi,

Dearest Master Sri Sri Sri Kaliji,

I want to let you know how much Gratitude I have for being able to connect with you in the Tele-Class ! I know you know that !


I was so happy to find this way, as I have not been able to travel to you as of late. I have been missing you SO MUCH !!! I NEEDED THAT !!!

It was as if I was there, here, with you ! as in so many times before > I felt Grace as I actually had the knowledge of what you were talking about ! (One only can hope 🙂 Ha ! )

Thank you for helping me raise my consciousness to this level…it helped me !

And I know your touching the world in this way is SO NEEDED !!

Talk with you soon ,

Much love,

Always yours,




…all the details only Kji could give about Her famous Art…and i wish to express my deepest desire to go on talking to You about it for ever…it is a subject of never ending interest and rich with infinite creativity…



I took Kaliji’s mudra tele-class and enjoyed it tremendously. The depth and breath of Kaliji’s knowledge and her ability to communicate it so beautifully continually amazes me. I have always loved the addition of mudras to my yoga practice. But my students didn’t seem to be using them consistently until I taught them what I learned in the tele-course. Understanding the deeper meaning of the mudras has contributed significantly to our yoga practice. Thank you, Kaliji


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