Moscow Teacher Training

///Moscow Teacher Training

John and Stephanie completed their 3-month trip by teaching the first Basics Teacher Training in Moscow at the Dao Wellness Center. The training resulted in seven new TriYoga Teachers, and introduced many new students to TriYoga. In addition, John and Stephanie taught all-levels workshops at the Dao Wellness Center and the Moscow TriYoga Center.

During their 3-month tour, they taught 952 students over 222 hours.

John and Stef will spend June in the United States, and arrive in China on July 1 to train teachers for five months at UYoga in Shenzhen.

Group photo from the Moscow Teacher Training

Scenes from the training at Dao Wellness Center.

New Basics teacher Ananda with John and Stephanie

Basics teacher Julia translated the entire teacher training and additional workhops.

New Basics teacher Irina attended the teacher training, and also translated workshops at Dao Wellness Center and Moscow TriYoga Center.

New teacher Lena (left) and Basics teacher Shanti (right) traveled over 36 hours by train from Nevinomisk to attend the Moscow programs.

Married couple Ruslan (center, new TriYoga teacher) and Natasha (right) traveled over 24 hours by train from Saratov to attend programs with John and Stephanie. Tatyana (left), also from Saratov, was also in Moscow and attended a workshop at Dao Wellness Center.

Basics certification finals were also held at Ananda’s home in Moscow.

Chanting at Ananda’s.

TriYoga teacher Olga hosted John and Stephanie’s programs at the Moscow TriYoga center.

Level 2 at the TriYoga Center.

The spring weather in Moscow was unbelievably beautiful! These scenes are from a park outside of the Kremlin in central Moscow.

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