Meet Sophie!


Chef Kelli arranged for the adoption of this little baby as part of Kaliji’s birthday celebration.

Sophie was rescued from a Future Farmers of America project— where she lived in a concrete pen without bedding or comfort of any kind. She and her fellow FFA bigs had developed sores, were constantly harassed by flies, and had been subjected to “ear-notching”, a procedure in which pieces of the ear are cut out without anesthetic or treatment.

The young woman responsible for Sophie and her best friend Alicia became disillusioned with the project and instead found these two bubbly pigs a new home at the Southern California Shelter of The Farm Sanctuary— and Sophie is now part of the TriYoga family, thanks to Chef Kelli’s gift of adoption.    If you would like to adopt a baby who desperately needs your help, contact The Farm Sanctuary!    Kaliji will go to visit Sophie so a report will follow!

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