Master of Ceremonies Address by Yogini Kaliji2018-12-24T20:55:18-08:00

Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

Nāda Gītā Rāga Sāgara

Music for Meditation and Healing Concert

December 31, 2017 • Taipei, Taiwan  

Master of Ceremonies Address

by Yogini Kaliji


Good Evening ~ Wăn’ān

I request and welcome Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji to please enter. May we give our warmest welcome! This is Sri Swamiji’s first visit to Taiwan!

For many people around the world, tonight—the 31st of December, 2017—is celebrated as New Year’s Eve. We, too, are celebrating!
We have gathered at the Eslite Performance Hall for the first Music for Meditation and Healing Concert in Taipei, Taiwan by Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and the Celestial Message Troupe. They have performed in renowned venues throughout the world. This year is their 30th anniversary, and Sri Swamiji’s Diamond Jubilee!

Hailing from India, the ancient land that has graced the world with some of the most prolific and elevated composers, Sri Swamiji shines in this light of excellence in music. He has composed several thousand compositions and is a prolific lyricist, singer and poet. Wherever Sri Swamiji travels, His music is His Universal Language.

When Sri Swamiji says “music is my language,” He is not being symbolic. It is the way He communicates most directly, most clearly, most effectively.

Like when one has been translating all day, and it’s a relief to slide back into the mother tongue, like that with music for Sri Swamiji—it’s direct…and divine.

Music brings us together. Music has the power to speak to the soul. Inspired composers are like channels that intuit the higher vibration of sound, manifesting it as song to inspire us, too. Such a composer is among us today in Sri Swamiji.

Sri Swamiji’s music is meditation. It has both rhythmic concentration and melody to still the thoughts.

To inaugurate the event, we will use a traditional Taiwanese lamp. We invite Master Tsai You-Bi, past President of the Taipei Bonsai Association, and Ms. Lin Jia-Zhen, President of the Taipei Antique Association, to light the lamp.

Music inspires, accompanies and transforms our lives. It is a light on this journey to OM, the soundless sound. May the light shine!

We thank Master Tsai and Ms. Lin for this special bonsai and orchid arrangement designed for this concert.

Sri Swamiji’s main ashrama is home to the largest bonsai garden in India, where International Bonsai Conferences have been held. Due to Sri Swamiji’s understanding of the healing energies inherent in bonsai, one can often find bonsai nearby.

We ask Mrs. Pai to offer the garland to Sri Swamiji. Mrs. Pai is the founder of the oldest yoga lineage in Taiwan, OKIDO. Her husband, known as the “principal” of OKIDO, was a philanthropist and supported her love of yoga. It is said every senior citizen knows Mrs. Pai.

Now let us begin this journey into sound therapy…sound therapy for physical, mental and spiritual bodies. To illustrate the benefits for each rāga, a slide will appear at the beginning of the musical piece.

To maximize this experience, approach this as a meditation. Relax and enjoy the present…focus on the sound vibrations.

Sri Swamiji, please begin the musical journey where rhythm and melody unite into a mystical experience of sound waves.

After concert

As soon as the music began, the higher frequencies of energy were felt in the atmosphere. Immersion into nādam was energizing and expansive. These subtle and powerful vibrations will bless our year 2018.

On behalf of everyone here, we ask Jini Chen to come forth to offer the shawl to Sri Swamiji. She has visited Mysuru ashrama twice with yoga students from Taiwan.

We ask Julia Lai to offer the garland to Sri Swamiji, representing our heartfelt thanks for this yoga saṅgīta. Julia has been an integral team member for this concert and is the founder of the first TriYoga Center in Taiwan.

We thank the fabulous five musicians who were truly like pen-motors—a way for Sri Swamiji to communicate:

Vidwan Jaitra Varanasi on violin
Vidwan Narasimham Mani on keyboard
Vidwan Shankar Ramesh on mṛdaṅgam
Vidwan Ramanujan on morsing
Vidwan Mahesh Bhatt on tablā

In memory of this concert, we would like to release a T-shirt to Sri Swamiji.

When Sri Swamiji’s celestial music envelops us, words cease. Yet we must say we are thankful and grateful that Sri Swamiji has used His musical genius to uplift humanity to embrace compassion and wisdom.

We give profound thanks to Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji for giving us a path to the soundless sound that resides in our inner hearts.

May we all leave with a greater appreciation for sacred music in our lives. We cannot have enough New Year Days, so Happy New Year to Sri Swamiji and to all who shared in this blessing.