March 9 ~ Munich

///March 9 ~ Munich

Sunday was the conclusion of the programs in Munich. Each session had 55-75 teachers and students, who enjoyed TriYoga flows and Prana Vidya.

Kaliji with Matthias Beck of Yoga Aktuell magazine, the German yoga magazine that has featured Kaliji twice.

On this visit, Marianne interviewed Kaliji for Biomagazin (

Kaliji with Ama (left) and Annette. Annette is a TriYoga teacher in Munich.

Gundula, left, is also a TriYoga teacher. Beate, right, owns the TriYoga Center, Munich.

Petra, left, and Rosalinde, from Freising, Germany.

Maria teaches TriYoga in Ingolstadt Germany

Christiane is a TY teacher and writer. She has authored several books on yoga.

Axel and TriYoga teacher Stephanie

Katya and Katya ~ Katya, left, is a TY teacher from the Ukraine who lives in Italy; Katya, right, recently moved to Vienna from Moscow.

Mother and daughter studying TriYoga

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