March 7 ~ Munich

///March 7 ~ Munich

Kaliji arrived in Munich on Thursday night, for her third visit here. She spent the day in Munich on Friday, prior to beginning a weekend of workshops. Some of the highlights:

Fish Well ~ a popular meeting place. After the warmer weather in Tel Aviv, the daytime temperature in Munich was 32 degrees.

City Hall

Asamkirche, or the Church of St. John Nepomunk, which was built in the late Baroque period by the Asam brothers.

Inside Asamkirche

A meal was enjoyed at Zerwirk Vegan Restaurant, the only vegan restaurant in Germany (

Friday night was the first TriYoga program. The workshops were organized by Beate Bleif, owner/director of the TriYoga Center, Munich.

Beate, Kaliji and Beate’s partner Ansgar

60 students attended the first workshop. Assisting Kaliji in Munich are Eva-Maria, Mitradeva, Roselyne and Urvasi.

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