March 14, 2008 ~ Vienna

///March 14, 2008 ~ Vienna

Kaliji with Erika Erber, chair of the Austrian Yoga Association

YOGA 7, Erika’s yoga center where the TriYoga TYTT will be offered this year with Eva-Maria, Roselyne and Urvasi.

Erika playing a monochord. This two-sided instrument was created in Germany in the 1970’s.
The other side is called koto, which is a traditional Japanese instrument.

Kaliji, en route to the TY program, dressed for winter!

Mitradeva, Eva-Maria, and Urvasi are assisting at Kaliji’s programs. Eva-Maria and Urvasi are translating the programs as well as offering alignment assistance.

Evening program

Beate, left, owner of the TriYoga Center Munich, and partner Ansgar

Peter and Tanja are the first TY teachers in Vienna

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