March 12 ~ Datta programs in Dusseldorf

///March 12 ~ Datta programs in Dusseldorf

Many new mudras were born today….

Kala drove Kaliji and TriYoga teachers in the Datta truck

After the programs ended, Kaliji and students attended a puja with Datta priest Janardhana.

Janardhana told this story:

Prior to Sivaratri, Sri Swamiji went to Katmandu to the famous Siva and Nandi temple. (See for the inner meaning.) Two long time female devotees who travelled there with Sri Swamiji weren’t allowed in, as women weren’t allowed inside. When Sri Swamiji came out of temple, they told Him they were upset, as they had travelled a long distance and weren’t allowed to enter. Sri Swamiji said “I am Siva!” and manifested two rudraraksha mala beads – one out of each thigh – for them.

Padukas of Sri Swamiji

Priest Janardhana started the evening with an inspiring message. He said ‘puja’ means ‘near God’. He said that prior to technology we communicated through our thought waves coming forth. With puja, it is like an email going to Sri Swamiji.

At end of the puja, this quote of the day that is sent by the Datta Retreat Center USA arrived in the flow:

“Although Yoga is employed to achieve health, it does not stop there. By conferring the power to control the mind, it certainly shows the way to reach higher realms of Truth. There may be innumerable spiritual paths, but all paths employ yoga in one form or the other to reach the ultimate goal”.

Sri Swamiji
Sri Guru Datta.

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