London, June 2008

///London, June 2008

Kaliji arrived in London on June 4, in preparation to teach a weekend of TriYoga program, and then enjoy Sri Swamiji’s programs the following weekend.

London (Camden Town area)

Thursday, Kaliji visited Regent’s Park. In the early 1980’s, Kaliji briefly lived in London in an area near Regent’s Park.

Traveling with Kaliji on this trip are TY teachers Mitradeva and Kelli.

Friday, Kaliji visited the British Library, which is currently showing an exhibit on the Ramayana. The exhibit shows many different paintings from the 17th century, as well as clothing, shadow puppets and carvings depicting the epic.

The first TriYoga program was held on Friday night at the Special Yoga Centre in London.

Following the program, a new mudra was born.

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