London ~ August 29 – 31

///London ~ August 29 – 31

Kaliji returned to London on August 29, to offer a weekend of programs at the Special Yoga Centre.

Kaliji, Mercury, Eva-Maria, Mitradeva, John, Stephanie and Nandi
visited the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace on Friday…

and then offered 3 days of programs at the yoga studio. This yoga studio hosted
one of the programs that Kaliji taught in June, and she returned for the whole weekend this trip.

With Jo, the owner of the Special Yoga Centre. Jo founded the center with the aim of making yoga accessible to all,
and it is registered as a charity to do so. Currently, the Centre is offering over 350 children with special needs.

Upcoming TriYoga teachers in London: Danka, Jackie and Jill.

With Ben, chef at 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant in West Kensington, London.
All the food, drinks, and deserts there are vegan.

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