Level 3 with Gina in Xi’An, China

///Level 3 with Gina in Xi’An, China

October 4–27, 2018

Xi’An, China

Senior-level TYTT Gina was in Xi’An China for a Level 3 teacher training. Eight new Level 3 teachers (from six different cities)  received certification.

Translator Zhang Li and organizer TYC Director Yu Feng


The group enjoyed new postures, transitions, and series, while practicing new ways to help each other.

Yo Li from Dalian, Cindy (director of TYC Beijing) and Catherine, from the first group of Basics teachers in 2008 and has since moved to Vancouver, Canada, were among the participants.

The group also enjoyed sightseeing and a vegan meal together.

Gina writes:

“After one month of Level 3 we all felt incredibly light, open, strong, and blissful….and we had sooo much fun😀. Ah what a blessing! So much gratitude Kaliji”


While in Xi’An, Gina also gave a workshop at the San Mo Di Yoga Center (location of the Level 3 TT). Among those in attendance, eight asked for information about upcoming teacher trainings!  TYC Xi’An and San Mo Di will cooperate to bring TriYoga to more students in Xi’An.


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