Level 3 TT with Kiki and Santoshi

//Level 3 TT with Kiki and Santoshi

December 14-January 20

TYC Shenzhen

Level 3 Teacher Training with Kiki, Certification with Santoshi

The group included teachers from Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Chongqing and from the TYCs in Kunming and Wenzhou.

Many local teachers and visitors came for partial or full days.

There was a break in the training for the  TY 39 celebration program~ many of the interns immersed into the time with Kaliji during their L3 study.

WangXin (top) joined most of the training without taking any TYTT before. At the beginning she wanted to try, then she continued to the end, afterwards she said want to start from basics to be a real TY teacher.

Yali and Xiao Pin gGai are L1 teachers and love TriYoga so much they wand to learn at every opportunity, so they took this complete Level 3 training before they’ve taken Level 2.  They both did great throughout the training, and look forward to the next Level 2 TT to complete.

At the end of the training, all enjoyed very happy time Skype with Kaliji, each one with a chance to speak with Kaliji.  They expressed the benefits they received and their gratefulness. Kaliji announced every eligible intern was certified in L3.

Bao’an TYC owner and TT organizer WangLeiJun  was a great warm host to all during the training, and received lots of support and wishes from all to make the center better and better. L3 teacher Ma Xin Mei offered alignment assistance  during parts of the training.



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