Level 3 Teacher Training in Shenzhen

///Level 3 Teacher Training in Shenzhen

John and Stef finished their time in Shenzhen with an 11-day Level 3 Teacher Training. Teachers from all four years of TYTT in Shenzhen attended, creating a great feeling of community, as more experienced and newly-certified teachers worked together in the Fire flow.




The group was all smiles as they explored new postures and discovered new energy pathways…


.. and helped each other see the world from a new perspective!


The training ended just before the traditional Chinese New Year holiday, so teacher Ma Mei generously invited everyone to her home for a traditional holiday meal.


And students had admired Stef’s “yoga socks” (without heels or toes so one never slides) and everyone was so happy to get a pair of their own – the teachers created a “sock flow-er flow”!


...in the flow