Level 3 Teacher Training in China

///Level 3 Teacher Training in China

The first ever Level 3 Teacher Training in China concluded on December 5, resulting in 5 new Level 3 teachers and 12 certifications in progress! All of the teachers demonstrated great knowledge of TriYoga through the levels and a strong commitment to the flow.

The Level 3 training was also the conclusion of the 425-hour Basics – Level 3 training that began in mid-August. Fifteen students completed the entire training, and 9 other students joined for parts of the training. During the 425-hour course 18 teachers certified in Basics, 16 in Level 1, and 18 in Level 2. Many of these new teachers had had little or no experience with TriYoga prior to beginning the teacher training, and it is both an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the power of TriYoga’s systematic approach that so many have progressed so quickly. Teacher Trainers John and Stephanie have found the Chinese students’ incredible dedication, fortitude, focus, and love for TriYoga to be deeply inspiring and admirable. John and Stef are very grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to share TriYoga with so many wonderful students, and to be part of a beautiful Chinese TriYoga family.

Scenes from the training

The fifteen elated students who completed the entire 425-hour training.

At restaurants in China, receipts are given in the form of scratch-off lottery tickets. Winning any money is quite rare, and usually the winning amounts are 50 RMB ($7.50) or less. During the level 3 training, Stephanie enjoyed a meal at an Indian restaurant and afterward won 500 RMB ($75)! This was a major event in the restaurant, and the entire staff as well as other customers applauded and shook Stephanie’s hand. Again and again they exclaimed “Wu Bai Quai! Wu Bai Quai (Five Hundred Chinese Dollars)” When the students in the training heard the story, wild applause resulted and a student rushed to shake Stephanie’s hand. Even at the bank, the teller had a huge grin while cashing the lottery ticket. It is difficult not to find excitement in China!


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