Level 3 in China

//Level 3 in China


This autumn, TYC Shenzhen (Bao’an) hosted the first Level 3 Teacher Training in China.  John and Santoshi shared the training– with DJ doing the first part, the “Two American Teachers” together in the middle, and Santoshi completing the finals.

The interns were from the whole history of TriYoga in China– Lalita, Lily and Kiki all met Yogini Kaliji on her first visit to China and attended (along with Ajasa, Zhang Li, and Lei Jun) the first Basics TYTT in 2008!  They came from different provinces in China and included 3 members of the teacher training staff, and two TYC Directors– and a yoga club owner who had never tried yoga before, but decided she wanted to learn TriYoga and came to the Level 3 training as a student!

The early autumn weather was a wonderful compliment to the FIRE series, as the warm temperatures assisted the agni purification.



One afternoon after the training, several of the students joined Santoshi for a “Nada Club” meeting– they carefully practiced pronunciation of favorite chants (and discovered some funny linguistic flows: for example, the Mandarin word for pineapple is “bolo”, so when students chant “Bolo Bolo Sabmilla Bolo”, many of them are thinking of a tropical fruit).


As the grand finale for the training, the interns met with Kaliji via skype, and received their notification of certification directly from Yogini Kaliji!

Already four of the new teachers have started Level 3 classes and workshops in their hometowns and studios!




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