Level 2 TYTT in Wenzhou, China

//Level 2 TYTT in Wenzhou, China


Level 2 TYTT with Kiki, certification with Gina at Blue Room TYC, Wenzhou, China.

WenZhou is located in the east part of China. The Owner and main teacher of this TYC is Devika a member of the Junior TT staff, she has prepared a very beautiful and peaceful space for all

There were 13 participants who joined this training. All showed great focus and dedication throughout during this hot summer.

There were several participants that haven’t yet completed L1 or Basics TT. Through the L2 learning process. Knowledge was shared of how to modify or use props when there are challenges or to support or deepen postures. 
Happy Hanuman 

Ramdev (center) and Xiao Y (left) are brother and sister, had Basics and L1 last year, and have both been teaching at this TYC. This year they both joined L2.

4 students traveled about 2,000 Kilometers to join this TT. HuaLan (top left) from LanZhou, YangYang (front left ) from TaiYuan, ZhiJing(front right) from Xi’an. 
QianWen (above) and HuiYang (below) had never taken a TYTT before. Both attended the full L2 training and willing to start from Basics in the future.
TianRan (top), Lulu (middle) Xiangyi (lower) are Basics certified teachers. They showed solid basics knowledge that provided a great foundation to to learn the L2 flow. 


Junior TT staff Lalita made a special trip to WenZhou to assist the training.  Devika also offered alignment assistance

The Group shared great Vegan food in and out of the TYC!

Beautiful center, beautiful group.
❤️ Kiki and Gina

...in the flow