Level 2 Teacher Training in Xi’An, China

///Level 2 Teacher Training in Xi’An, China

Level 2 Certification with Santoshi

May 19-22, 2016

L2-Xian_NamesCongratulations to the new Level 2 teachers!

Xian_Kiki_YuFengThe training was part of the Basics – Level 3 TT organized by Yu Feng (right) at the TYC Xi’An.  Kiki  (left) began Basics in February, with Chandra coming for the Basics Certification and Level 1 teacher training, then Kiki returned for Level 2. Santoshi came for the Level 2 certification and will begin the first Level 3 training in Xi’An on May 25th.

TriYoga Center Xi’An has only been open a few months but already has a great, friendly feeling.  Upon entry, visitors are greeted with this cheery “Welcome Home” sign, and then a large poster for the Dalian Conference and Concert.

Although the Level 2 group is made up of interns from many different teacher trainings in several cities, they formed a friendly and caring group.  Each night of the last week they all joined together for “celebration” dinners– with gifts.  One night, each person was presented with a little “man fruit” — a melon that has been grown in a mold with a face and body.  Each face was slightly different and there was a lot of fun as people found the fruits that most resembled their friends.


Another fun event was “T-shirt Day” where interns went shopping at the mobile TriYoga shop (the duffle bag of t-shirts and yoga pants that Santoshi brought with her)!


This week also marked the 10th anniversary of Samadhi Yoga, which has hosted several TriYoga trainings and workshops over the years.  The birthday was celebrated in high style– a ballroom event with an Emcee, breakdancing and belly dancing performances, and several yoga demonstrations.  Santoshi was invited to represent TriYoga and award the First Prize in the evening’s raffle.


The highlight, of course, was the chance to meet with Yogini Kaliji online.  Many of the students have met Kaliji in person, in China, Hong Kong, or on trips to India, and so were glad of the chance to spend time with her again.  For others, it was the first time to meet her and experience first-hand (though remotely) the ease, warmth, wisdom and friendliness of Yogini Kaliji.


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