Level 2 Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

///Level 2 Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

John and Stef finished their time in Shenzhen with Level 2 trainings– there were so many teachers enrolled they had to extend their stay 5 weeks and do a second round!

The first group of teachers included 15 who had attended 150 hours of Basics, 125 hours of Level 1, and then 125 hours of Level 2!

Teachers enjoyed feeling the progressive flow, and expanding their strength and flexibility in Level 2.

TriYoga teachers Julia, Cheryl, Judy and student Feng Ru came from Taiwan for the five-week training.

Teachers worked in pairs and small groups to learn the water flow…

The second group included teachers from trainings in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Teacher Duo Duo (standing) attended ALL 525 hours of TYTT offered by John and Stef this year.

Teachers also enjoyed the chance to get their own TriYoga shirts, DVDs, and cds.

TriYoga brought teachers into balance…

and opened their hearts!

Eight teachers from the 2010 425-hour training reunited for the Level 2 Teacher Training. Lalita from Zhuhai, Liliy, Kiki, Xixi, Joye (2nd row) Ajasa, Lisa and Sophie.

In addition to the teacher trainings, John and Stef also gave special classes on a variety of topics including Subtle Anatomy, Sanskrit, PreNatal Yoga, Physical Anatomy, the Art & Science of Yoga Flow, and Level 3 Prana Vidya.

UYoga manager Kelly managed to stop work for a few hours and join some of the classes. She hopes to join the Basics Teacher Training next year.

Each training concluded with a celebratory vegan meal at one of the local vegetarian restaurants. For many teachers, this was their first exposure to the joys of vegan food– and some followed Kaliji’s example and transitioned to a garden diet!


...in the flow