Level 2 Teacher Training in Samsø, Denmark

///Level 2 Teacher Training in Samsø, Denmark

John and Stef followed the wonderful weekend in Berlin with a return to Samsø, Denmark for Level 2 Teacher Training. Started in March, the Level 2 group met for the second round of training over September 9–15.


Back row: John, Brigitte, Anette
Front row: Malene, Ida (Sweden), Stef and Kathrin (Germany)

All of the Level 2 interns are active and experienced TriYoga teachers. Birgitte teachers regular TriYoga classes throughout the week in the Marslet area of Denmark, near Aarhus. Malene and Ida are currently co-teaching a Basics teacher training in Denmark. Kathrin operates TriYoga Center Bad Tölz in Germany, and Anette owns the wonderful Solglimt retreat center on Samsø where the training is held.



The week long immersion into Level 2 is energizing, intense and wonderfully fun! The Samsø group has a lovely spirit of camaraderie and partnership. The group will meet next for the final Level 2 week in April, and already all are discussing how they can continue to meet and flow together at Anette’s in Samsø.


Each day, participants took turns making delicious vegan meals to share, and many of the recipes came from Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen!


Ida and Malene demonstrated that meal time is actually a great time for yoga TriYoga sadhana!


...in the flow