Level 2-3 Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

///Level 2-3 Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

The recent series of teacher trainings in Shenzhen, China ended in January with three weeks of Level 2/3. The first two weeks focused on the Level 2 108 series, and resulted in 6 new certified teachers. For the third week, this year’s teachers were joined by teachers from last year’s group to learn new series in Level 2 and Level 3. It was terrific fun!

John and Stephanie are continually thrilled to have such wonderfully motivated, dedicated, capable and happy teachers and students in China. It is a great joy for them to be a part of this rapidly expanding TriYoga community, and to have the opportunity to share TriYoga with so many. Over the past two years in China, John and Stephanie have taught nearly 1000 hours of TriYoga, including over 800 hours of teacher training.

The group from the final week of Level 2/3. With each training, teachers keep gaining in the breadth and depth of their TriYoga knowledge. In only two years, a core group of accomplished and talented teachers has emerged, all of them with hundreds of hours of teacher training experience. For example, Xiao Yan and Ming Xia (pictured next to each other, front left next to Stephanie) have now attended over 600 hours of teacher training each.

Students enjoyed experiencing the systematic approach of TriYoga, seeing how postures and sequences continue to develop in Level 2 and 3.

Only in China — the first time Pyramid 3 is taught, every student has great alignment and most heads rest easily on the earth!

The strength gained through systematic practice was evident while teachers learned Forearm Stand and L-Mountain.

Teacher Judy Lin (center left) traveled from Taiwan for the training, accompanied by teacher Dong Huang and student Li Hua.

Teacher Kiki (front) provided flawless translation, as always, even when learning Rotated T-Balance for the first time! In addition, she organized the entire sequence of TriYoga trainings for UYoga, helped John and Stef in countless ways, and was unfailingly positive, friendly, and great.


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