Level 1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen

///Level 1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen


January 8th marked the completion of a Level 1 Teacher Traning at the TYC in Bao’An (Shenzhen, China). 21 students from 8 different Basics Teacher Trainings in 5 different cities joined together for the Earth Flow.

Kiki taught the first 101 hours of the teacher training, leading students through the technique, methodology and practicum.

Santoshi came for the last 4 days of the training to help polish all aspects of their teaching and for certification.

Students showed great concentration and dedication in the training, each of them wishes to keep learning and sharing TY with others!  Many of them shared their “TriYoga Dreams”– from teaching family and friends, to opening TriYoga Centers in their hometowns or regions, to someday offering teacher trainings of their own!

LeiJun_talentOrganizer and host Wang Lei Jun entertained all at the closing vegan pot-luck with his beautiful singing.


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