Level 1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

///Level 1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

Teacher training in Shenzhen, China continued with a 125-hour Level 1 training from December 13 – January 8. Nearly all of the Basics group continued with Level 1, and they were joined by other teachers and students from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Altogether the training was attended by 26 students from ages 23 to “70+”

All enjoyed feeling the flow of the Earth series, learning new sequences and postures together.

Duo Duo assists Ling Hui in Pyramid Twist.

Gao Ge, age 12, first heard of Kaliji before the 2011 Hong Kong Yoga Conference and encouraged her mother, Yi Ping, to attend. Her mother is attending all of this year’s Basics-Level 2 training, along with her best friend. Here, Gao Ge is assisted in Arrow by local teacher Shanti. Yi Ping is now teaching a Level 1 class at Gao Ge’s school!

Ma Mei attended a Basics training in Shenzhen two years ago with Eva-Maria. During Kaliji’s recent visit to Shenzhen, Ma Mei attended all of the programs and was a wonderful driver for Kaliji and friends. This year Ma Mei is attending the entire Basics-Level 2 training with John and Stef.

Zhen Hui used all of his 2011 and 2012 vacation time from work to attend Basics and Level 1.

Of course, beautiful Kiki translated every moment of the training, all the while maintaining focus and flow.

A highlight of the training was a Skype session with Kaliji on Kriyavati (January 5th)! For some, it was their first time to meet Kaliji.

Kaliji led the students in a trans-continental chanting session!


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