Level 1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen

///Level 1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen

Skype with KJIAfter the Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen Bao’an, Eva-Maria continued her teachings with a Level 1 Teacher Training at TYC OCT Loft (June 28 – July 20) in Shenzhen (Nanshan district).

The students, who were prepared well in Basics by different TY teachers (Xixi, Kiki, Katya, Gina, Eva-Maria, and the D’s), were a wonderful enjoyable group to teach, as step by step they discovered the beauty of the energy flow of TriYoga. They all improved on the physical, emotional, subtle, and spiritual levels and felt the blessings of Kaliji. Therefore, it was a great joy for Eva-Maria to see them flowing and growing every day.
happy Lev 1 group
Sisi (Katherine, to the left of Eva-Maria in photo above) was an excellent translator. Every day she was excited about translating, telling that she learns so much.

tea speciality of Shanwei, Mamei's homtown
Ma Mei joined the TT from time to time and was a wonderful host offering every day an incredible tea, a speciality of her hometown Shanwei, and delicious vegan lunch prepared by her household help and chef Xiao Cao.



One of the interns, Venus, is a visual artist who saw beautiful images during yoga nidra each day. She felt she could not express these visions in words, so would go home and draw them.

How she “sees” Eva-Maria: “yellow and red represents the earth… the purple and blue represents the humor, funny, vivid and spiritual sparkling of Eva-Maria. Her light shining from the earth makes me calm and peaceful.”

Venus also teaches at the Waldorf School, a system of education developed in Germany (Eva-Maria’s home country). Translator and TY Teacher Sisi had just read about Waldorf Schools and had discussed them with Gina, whose family has a long association with Waldorf Schools, as students and teachers.



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