Level 1 Teacher Training in Kunming, China

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Congratulations to the new teachers from the first TriYoga trainings in Kunming, China! Following the Basics teacher training taught by Gina, the Kunming group continued with Rishi for Level 1.

Over the 21 days of Level 1 training, this cohesive and dedicated training group progressed beautifully, demonstrating great awareness, subtlety, and refinement in both the TriYoga flow and their teaching skills.

Students enjoyed a lovely Skype session with Yogini Kaliji. Many from the Kunming group are organizing to attend the Sri Swami’s concert and the TriYoga conference in Dalian in September.

The training was organized by well-known Kunming teacher Zhu Zhu/Judy (center) who also hosted both Rishi and translator/teaching assistant Zhang Li (right) at her home. Zhu Zhu is cooperating with new TriYoga teacher Xuan Er to open a large new yoga studio in the center of Kunming with a focus on TriYoga, and plans to make it into a TriYoga Center. Judy announced these plans at the group dinner at the end of the training, and all of the new teachers were invited to teach at at the new studio and to bring all their friends! There is great enthusiasm in the group for this new studio, with much pledged support.

In addition to the new Level 1 teachers, at the end of the training Zhang Li was certified as the newest member of the TriYoga Junior teacher training staff! She is a very knowledgeable and skilled teacher, and her presence in the training was a great asset to both Rishi and all of the students. Zhang Li attended the first teacher trainings in China with Rishi and Santoshi in 2009, and began teaching immediately after. Recently she has taught workshops in Macau and Kunming, cities where TriYoga was just beginning, and both cities have now hosted new trainings. Following the Kunming trainings, Zhang Li traveled to the cities of Dali and Shangri-La in Yunnan province for workshops. Over the past few years she has lived in both China and Canada and her English/Chinese translation skills are superb.

During the Kunming training, Santoshi was in Xi’an teaching a Level 3 training. She flew to Kunming to visit Rishi and the Level 1 group!


Kunming, in Yunnan Province in south-central China, is known as the “City of Eternal Spring”. Although it is located on the edge of the tropical region, Kunming is at an elevation of 6,200 feet (1,890 meters) which keeps temperatures mild throughout the year. It is a beautiful city with clean blue skies and lush vegetation. It also boasts an abundance of high-quality and fresh fruits and vegetable which can be found at the many farmer’s markets and the endless individual vendors selling from carts.

Special mention must be given to Xiao Mi (Little Rice) Zhu Zhu’s dear animal companion who attended all of the Basics and Level 1 training! Gina described Xiao Mi as a “walking teddy bear”, and he is truly adorable, fun, and filled with personality. During the training Xiao Mi would relax comfortably and quietly, and snuggle with Judy during Yoga Nidra. Like a member of the training, Xiao Mi learned what the bells meant for the end of Yoga Nidra. Once the first bell sounded, signaling students to return to Complete Breath, Xiao Mi would leap up with excitement and run to Rishi ready to play! Xiao Mi also learned that for him “Guru Mata Ki Jai”, said at the end of class and at the end of each day, meant “time to play” or “time to go home” and he responded accordingly. Everyone loves Xiao Mi and he was a wonderful addition to the training.


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