Level 1 Teacher Training in China

///Level 1 Teacher Training in China

The current series of teacher trainings in Shenzhen, China continued with a Level 1 training from November 23 – December 10. Last year’s Level 1 training focused on the 108 sequences, and teachers were eager to learn the five main Level 1 Series. Joining these Level 1 teachers were teachers who recently completed this year’s 200-hour Basics training. Several students from host studio UYoga also joined, enhancing their regular practice with the increased knowledge from a teacher training. The mixed group of new and experienced teachers made for a great teacher training opportunity.

For teachers John and Stephanie, it was a wonderful reunion with their TriYoga family. As the training began, it was immediately evident to John and Stef that the teachers had been practicing and teaching throughout the past year. The quality of their Flow, their focus, and their confidence while teaching were fantastic to see!

23 students, interns, and teachers from all levels joined for the intensive training.

The training gave newly certified Basics teachers a chance to work with more experienced TriYoga teachers in small and large practicum groups.

Interns and teachers were excited to teach from the newly translated full Level 1 Manual! Thanks to the TriYoga translation team for this achievement

As always, teachers enjoyed learning new postures, and new ways to assist their students.

All were excited by a surprise meeting with Kaliji via Skype! Several students met Kaliji on her last visit to China, but for many, this was their first meeting.


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