Level 1, Series 108 Training in China

///Level 1, Series 108 Training in China

2010 in Shenzhen, China finished with a Earth 108 training ~ and 9 new Level 1 teachers.

All the students from the 200 hour Basics training continued through Level 1, and were joined by other teachers, interns and students of all levels. Six of this year’s group attended both the Level 1 full manual and 108 trainings ~ over 125 hours of Level 1 training! This group has now spent almost 300 hours together, enjoying each other’s company and learning from each other. Many close friendships have formed, and students enjoy working in large and small groups together.

The training finished on December 24th, and the TriYoga community gathered for a party ~ with vegan meal and gift exchange.

The Earth 108 training also completed another great year of teaching and travel for John and Stef. In 2010, they took 38 flights, visited 12 different countries, taught 520 hours of teacher training to 129 students, and 265 hours of workshops to 1125 students. They give great thanks to Kaliji, TriYoga, and all the wonderful TriYoga teachers and students for this incredible opportunity.


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