L1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen China

///L1 Teacher Training in Shenzhen China

Level 1 Earth 108 TYTT in Shenzhen, China took place from 7-14 October 2013.

TriYoga in Shenzhen TriYoga in Shenzhen TriYoga in Shenzhen

The training was organized by TriYoga teacher Jojo and took place at her yoga studio, Jingli Yoga, in Shenzhen: Senior level TriYoga teacher Tarini led the training.

TriYoga in Shenzhen

TriYoga teacher Anqi and her partner Ronan were translators and also enjoyed the flow

TriYoga in Shenzhen

Some of the students attended to certify while others joined to deepen their practice. All had fun, worked hard and enjoyed TY flow together

TriYoga in Shenzhen

The training included flowing, Prana Vidya, methodology, practicum, partner stretch and an introduction to TY Prenatal.  All were joyfully aglow within Kaliji’s gift of TriYoga

TriYoga in Shenzhen

TriYoga teachers Katya from America and Kiki from China were also in Shenzhen during this period. Jojo, Anqi, Tarini and others were able to meet them for a vegan dinner one night. In this photo: Jojo and her husband, TYC Shenzhen director Grace, TY teachers Ma Mei, Kiki, Tarini, Katya, and Sisi.

With TriYoga there is fun, flow and family wherever one may travel


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