Retreat in the Alps with Kaliji

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AlpThe last stop on Kaliji’s summer European tour was in the beautiful alpine village Kissleg.  The group arrived at night and awoke to this wonderful vista of perfectly blue skies and a clear view of the nearby mountains.  Locals said that the mountain had only been visible 2 or 3 days all summer~ yet it was out for every day of Kaliji’s retreat.

Students from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and China enjoyed daily flows for all levels, and nightly chanting with dancing.


The retreat center offered a fully vegan menu for all those who stayed– not only those in the TriYoga group but the whole community enjoyed a plant-based, prana-rich and cruelty-free diet.


KJICarmenThe successful program was organized by Carmen Costa, who is already planning next year’s Switzerland retreat.

tourteamA few lucky flow-ers were able to join Kaliji for all three retreats– meeting in Bad Meinberg, flowing to Chiemsee, and then on to Kissleg.  Kiki from China, Eva-Maria from Germany, Mercury Max and Santoshi from USA, Ekaterina from Vienna, Mitra Deva from Germany and DJ from USA felt so blessed to be able to attend the trinity retreats and share the wonderful experiences together.

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