Kiev ~ August 30 & 31

Kaliji was well received in Kiev on the evening of August 30, by a group of TriYoga teachers and students. When she visits Ukraine or Russia, she is always greeted by many students at the airport, and each presents her with a huge bouquet of flowers. When she walks out of the airport hall, she can hardly be seen behind the flowers she is carrying, and when she arrives at the hotel, they hardly ever have enough vases!

Upon arrival from the airport, past midnight, Kaliji’s room was full of faces lit up with joy and happiness, yet many cannot help their tears – finally they can be in her presence… For most of them, it happens once a year, or once in two years. Yet, as Kaliji said, “They hold on to the practice and they keep TriYoga alive in their hearts”. People come from all over Ukraine and Russia (some have to take a long, up to 30-hour, ride on a train or a bus).

Kaliji is visiting Kiev in honor of longtime TY teacher Olga Yevseeva, who left her body one year ago this month. She is given the title of “TY Mother of Ukraine”, as she and her son, Oleg, started TY in Kiev. To read more about Olga’s experiences with TY, see In Remembrance. The first session began in silence after an inspiring message from Kaliji, reflecting on Olga’s service to TriYoga.

Kaliji’s programs in Kiev have been organized by Anna (left) and Katherina (right). Anna is President of TriYoga Center, Kiev, and Katherina is a TY teacher.

Shaktidas, Director of TYC Moscow, was the first disciple of Kaliji in Russia. She organized the first TY conference for Russia/Ukraine in 1992 and has continued to be the main organizer. She is beloved by the Russian TriYogis for providing the opportunity for all to learn TriYoga.

The dear TriYogis from Kirovograd ~ left to right top row: Brahma, Inna, Siva, Irina
Bottom left to right: Radha, Anand

The programs opened with a morning session for TriYoga teachers and those who are getting ready for certification. Thirty attended the class. Kaliji gave a very inspiring talk on the essence of yoga and the importance to regularly check in with ourselves on whether we progress in our yoga sadhana on all levels, including food choices, our breath, mental qualities, relations.

In the evening all are welcome. Over 100 TriYogis and new friends are attending the programs. The session was completed with 40 minutes of chanting. Kaliji was accompanied by a female tabla player who came to play with her from another region in Ukraine.

At the end of the programs, Kaliji dedicated the chanting of OM to Olga ~ Kaliji suggested to all to hold Olga in their hearts, in inner silence, while chanting continuous OM.


Little 6-year-old TriYogi Ira ~ Ira attends TY classes regularly with her mother Alla, and does all the flows. This is her first time meeting Kaliji. She is now taking both the morning and evening classes taught by Kaliji.

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