Kiev ~ September 1-3

The programs in Kiev continued with a teacher training each morning and general session in the evenings. Here, Maxim offers a garland to Kaliji. Maxim took most of the photos shown from the Ukraine programs.

Images from the teacher training sessions:

Ganga (front, with Kaliji) translated all of Kaliji’s programs with excellent translation

Interns in Ukraine and Russia had been training diligently, and Basics and Level 1 certification finals were completed during the teacher training sessions.

Here, Kaliji signs certification applications. By the last day, there were 4 new Basics teachers and 13 new Level 1 teachers certified!

The room was filled with excitement when Kaliji was signing the certification papers. “This certificate is just the beginning of your studies”, said Kaliji to the teachers, “there is no limit in growth in teaching TriYoga”. All of those who attended the morning classes could not but agree and are looking forward to more and more trainings.

Kaliji signs the certification papers for Brahma and Shiva, both from Ukraine.

Kiev teachers

Teachers from Kirovograd, Ukraine

Students from Russia who traveled to Ukraine for the programs

And from the evening sessions:

At the beginning of the closing program Kaliji answered a few questions. One of the questions was about the ways to implement TriYoga in the office. Kaliji gave an answer that embraced all the facets of daily life and work. She showed a series of neck and eye movements, advised all to take walks during lunch breaks. She pointed out the importance of the good posture throughout the day, right food choice, and positive attitude. Kaliji also encouraged all office people to remember that work place is our test, how calm we can be and never be carried away by the difficulties that may appear in work situations. Then we can naturally be the shining example to all the rest in the office of the transformative power of yoga.

With 100 students attending, the organizers wanted to make sure that all could see, so they hung a large screen and projected Kaliji on it.

They also displayed a large, beautiful banner at the programs.

Each day Kaliji had lunch at one of the best restaurants in Kiev – at the hotel Vozvizhensky. It is located on the slopes of the historically famous Andreevsky hill, right in the historical center of the city. To get there, one walks or drives a cobblestone street, full of national arts and crafts. In summer the tables are located outside in nature, surrounded by beautiful flowers and waterfalls on the slopes of the hill. It turns out that, over 200 years ago, Apothecary Garden was laid on the slopes of the Andreevsky hill. The plants for Kiev drugstores were cultivated there. Naturally, the place for this garden was selected as scrupulously as the place for a temple. Now this is the place of the restaurant. It also provides a beautiful view of Kiev.

The exquisite location matched the exquisite vegan meal. Knowing Kaliji’s strong preference for vegetarian restaurants, but having none in Kiev, the organizers asked chefs of the restaurant to use brand new pots and pans for preparing the food, which they did!

During one of the lunches Kaliji was saying about her caring and dear relationship with little tiny friends that are called insects, how they respond to her. She remembered the day when she realized that eating honey means stealing it from the bees and how a little bumblebee came later and sat on her chest with two little tiny paws put together as if in anjali mudra:). Right after lunch, the group was walking up Andreevsky hill… when suddenly a little bee came towards Kaliji. Kaliji extended a piece of her scarf and the bee happily took the invitation to take a sit… and did not want to leave.

Evening flow programs were followed by chanting. Kaliji was accompanies by Asya on tablas and Ganga on bells. Asya came all the way from Crimea and now wants to come each time to play with Kaliji.

Each evening following the programs, there was satsanga with Kaliji, and the room was full of blissful students.

Kaliji with students of Inna from Odessa, Ukraine. From left to right: Gulshat, Inna, Olga and Guzel. Olga, the only one of the group who speaks some English, came to Kaliji, saying that she is so grateful for her that she cannot find enough words to express her love.

Kaliji with Ananda from Moscow

With little TriYogi Ira, who made this drawing for Kaliji

Kaliji, Ira and mom Alla

With Roman, who studied with TY teacher Oleg, who is now living in Malibu. Roman had a vision of Kaliji, and was so happy to finally meet her.

With Yuri, who met Kaliji in 1992, on her first trip to Russia & Ukraine. He has not seen her since then, and was so happy to see her.

With Kiril, brother of TY teacher Oleg, who was from Ukraine and now lives in Malibu. Kirill first met Kaliji in 1992 together with his mother Olga and brother Oleg. He has been practicing TriYoga with them ever since, but due to health conditions could not come to see Kaliji since then. This time he traveled by train, about 12 hours, to be with her. Anna and Katheryna helped him to make this trip happen. Kirill was so happy to meet Kaliji again. He has been studying English for 2 months to be able to speak to her and one day visit Kaliji and his brother in CA. All were so impressed by his progress. He could understand what Kaliji was saying and say quite a few phrases to her. Everybody also was touched by his sweet, calm and joyful personality.

The whole group

Right before the airport departure, Kaliji met with all in a tea house. She played a couple of chants, having chinese tea in between.

Natsya, TriYoga student from Kiev who now studies in Italy, brought her little puppy Johnny (about 3 pounds) to have some tea. Johnny was not very interested in tea cups, but was very excited to give a few affectionate licks to Kaliji.

Ganga, Kaliji’s translator for the Kiev programs, was visiting in Russia and traveled to Ukraine for the program. When she arrived, she saw this sign on a car:

When she prepared to leave Russia, she saw Devi again!

At the Kiev airport, prior to departure

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