Kiev Level 1 Teacher Training

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Following Moscow, John and Santoshi continued their tour with a seven day Level 1 training in Kiev. Organizer and Level 2 teacher Katerina Degtyar has done a great job of scheduling ongoing series of trainings in Kiev—beginning with Basics in May 2013, John and Santoshi returned for Level 2 in October 2013, and this recent training continued with many of the Basics students from the previous year in addition to long-time students and teachers.

There is a strong TriYoga community in Ukraine, with some of the new interns coming from the fourth and fifth generations in a line of teachers. John and Santoshi often teach in places where TriYoga is new and the students are just beginning; in Kiev, it seems like each student is experienced with the flow and studies with a wonderful TriYoga teacher. Teaching there is a lot of fun and a real privilege! Katerina is already organizing programs for next year, and John and Santoshi are eager to return.


Weekday programs were held at yoga studio “Novyy Vek,” where the previous two Kiev trainings were held. Katerina, John and Santoshi have a very nice relationship with the studio—they are very welcoming to the TriYoga groups. When the studio manager saw Santoshi, she exclaimed “Oh! You really came!” She said that many foreigners had canceled their programs but “we are still here. We still are living here.”

Weekend programs were held at “Alice Good,” a women’s fitness studio on the top floor of a central Kiev building. Kiev is a lovely city, and the views from the studio windows provided an expansive backdrop for the Level 1 practice.

At the end of the training, the group gathered for dinner at “Tri,” a vegetarian and very vegan-friendly restaurant near Novyjj Vek. Santoshi had been presented earlier in the day with a large and beautiful wreath of autumn leaves, made by teacher Sasha—rather baffling for the American teachers, but a seemingly normal occurrence for the Ukranians!

Big thanks to Katerina for her great work in making the training possible, and for translation every minute of the 42 hour program! Previous trainings were organized by the team of Katerina and Tanya (Priya), but with Priya now in the USA this event was entirely organized and coordinated by Katerina.


Beautiful autumn colors just outside the Kiev airport.


TriYoga Center Brovary invited John and Santoshi to attend one of their evening classes, and then had a surprise birthday party (John and Santoshi both have October birthdays) with an amazing vegan cake!

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