Kaliji’s USA tour ~ Summer 2013

///Kaliji’s USA tour ~ Summer 2013

Kaliji joined the US tour of Sri Swamiji for the 3 weekends between July 5 and July 22, 2013 — in Dallas, Baton Rouge & New Orleans and Chicago.

July 5-7 was the beginning in Dallas with the ground breaking ceremony for the Hanuman Temple outside Dallas, TX.


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In Baton Rouge Sri Swamiji performed at LSU, the same concert hall that Sri Swamiji performed in July 1988: Kaliji was the MC for the Silver Jubilee Concert, celebrating 25 years of Healing & Meditation music in Baton Rouge.


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Kaliji offered two workshops in New Orleans at Wild Lotus and Elmwood.

Among the participants was TriYoga teacher from Austin, TX, father of
Theresa Shay, founder of TriYoga of Central PA.

Dr G shared medical facts of modern science proving the ancient yoga wisdom.


At the famous Louisiana State University Tiger stadium in Baton Rouge.


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Lalita, director of TYC Nola created the collage above.


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On July 19, Kaliji traveled from Chicago to the TYC in Cedar Rapids to share a 3-hour Yogaflow® program.

Dr. G shared medical facts on the benefits of conscious movement with focused awareness.


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Happy smiles after the flow class.


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Among long-time TY friends:
Satyam & Narayani, organizers of the program, directors of the TYC;
local TY teachers: Janani, Tom and Andrea;
Tejas, TY teacher from Oelwein;
Padmasri, TY teacher from Davenport.


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This poster greeted Kaliji upon entering the TYC.


Beautiful ambiance of the TYC.


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The next day Kaliji offered a 3-hour workshop at Yogaview studio in Chicago. The program was organized by local TriYoga teachers Ann McGinley and Mona Michelsen.


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Kaliji and TriYogis then attended the Healing and Meditation concert by Sri Swamiji and the Celestial Troupe and the Guru Purnima celebrations on the full moon.

At the end of the concert in Chicago, organizers pleasantly surprised Sri Swamiji and the audience with the wall of flags, representing all the countries where Sri Swamiji performed Healing and Meditation Music concerts.


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