Kaliji’s Summer Tour 2012 – Zhuhai, China

///Kaliji’s Summer Tour 2012 – Zhuhai, China

After her time in Shenzhen, Kaliji, Mercury Max, John, Stef and Kiki traveled to Zhuhai, a beautiful city on the coast south of Shenzhen. Zhuhai is known as the “Garden City” and also the “City of Love”…

Kaliji was invited to teach an all-levels workshop on the rooftop patio of a newly-opened convention center. The view at sunset was beautiful, and many of the students came early to enjoy the nature show.

The program included chanting, a beautiful demonstration by Kaliji, and an all-levels flow for the over 75 students who attended.

Here, students were excited to receive alignment assistance from Kaliji!

Kaliji with the Zhuhai travel group (from left): Mercury Max, translator Kiki, Zhuhai teacher Lalita, John and Stef. Kaliji, Mercury, Stef and John left Los Angeles together over a month before, and this was their last night together. Kaliji and Mercury continued to Seoul and then back to the United States, and “The D’s” stayed in China for a Basics certification week at the Shenzhen TriYoga Center.

Kaliji with host and organizer Yao Jun, who owns a yoga school in Zhuhai. Level 3 teacher Lalita (Ming Xia) made the suggestion to invite Kaliji and Yao Jun created an amazing and beautiful event, showing great care and respect with every detail.

The Zhuhai visit was just before Kaliji’s departure, and Lalita gave Kaliji a box filled with origami paper cranes she had carefully created since Kaliji’s last visit.


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