Kaliji's Premier Visit to Japan

///Kaliji's Premier Visit to Japan

The week of October 5-12, Kaliji made her first visit to teach TriYoga in Japan. She was invited to give the keynote address at the Yoga Smile Conference in Kyoto, and to teach TY classes at the conference and a local yoga studio.

Kyoto is the 7th largest city in Japan, home to over 1.5 million people. The capital city of Japan from the 8th century through the 1860s, Kyoto is one of the best-preserved cities, with over 2000 religious temples and shrines, with palaces, gardens and architecture intact.

As with all of the Asian countries, Kaliji was brought to Japan by Victor, her Asian tour coordinator. In addition to Japan, Victor has brought Kaliji to Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Eva-Maria and Kelli joined Kaliji to assist in the program over the week.

With Miki (left) and Yoko. Miki works for Yoga Generation, the company that organized the Yoga Smile conference, and Yoko owns Yoga Studio Tamisa, where Kaliji taught following the conference.

Mariko (left) was Kaliji’s translator for each program.


Kaliji debuted Devi Dance on the first day of the conference. The organizers said they had heard that her Devi Dance was “to die for” and placed it at the beginning of the program.

TriYoga classes continued over the weekend, with full rooms for each session.

Following each class, students eagerly spoke with Kaliji and requested her to pose for photos.

The program included a session on Samkhya philosophy, during which students listened with rapt attention and took many notes.

The philosophy class also included an introduction to mudra.

Kaliji ended each class with a chant on the harmonium.

The conference was held at the beautiful Ryosokuin Temple, which gave a serene atmosphere to the program, with its exquisite natural surroundings.

Yoga Studio Tamisa, owned by Yoko, is where Kaliji taught following the conference.

There was also time for sightseeing. Victor brought Kaliji to some of the oldest and most beautiful temples in the area.

The Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji or Rokuon-ji Temple) is a Zen Buddhist temple, and is one of the 17 locations comprising the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto World Heritage Site. It has also been made familiar with Mac users by being featured in a photograph in the desktop picture art of Apple’s OS X computer operating system, called “Golden Palace”. The top two stories of the pavilion are covered with pure gold leaf.

Tō-ji temple, which dates back to the year 796. It formerly served as a temple providing protection for the nation. The pagoda of Tō-ji stands 54.8 m high, and is the tallest wooden tower in Japan.

Kaliji is typically in front of the camera, but she also enjoys acting as filmmaker. With her perfection of concentration and eye for detail, Kaliji takes superb photos and videos. Here, Kaliji films the Tō-ji temple.

As the Flow is always present, the weekend that Kaliji was in Kyoto happened to be the same weekend as the Kyoto Vegetarian Festival. Their motto is “No nukes! Go vegans!” Hundreds of people were in attendance at the festival, learning about the ethics of a vegan diet, and enjoying vegan/vegetarian food and products.

Everywhere Kaliji goes, even the littlest passers-by are entranced by the mudras.

Sightseeing brought journeys through quaint streets,

into restaurants with beautiful decor,

exquisitely presented food,

by a cemetery,

and meetings with traditionally-dressed young women.

As the tour came to an end, many had developed strong relationships with Kaliji, and invited her to return soon. This week was just the beginning of many more visits to Japan.

The full moon shone overhead as Kaliji prepared to depart for the next part of the tour in Switzerland.


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