Kalijiâ’s India Yatra ~ Part 5: Festival on Yog, Culture and Spirituality, Haridwar

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Yogini Kaliji presented the keynote address at the International Festival on Yog, Culture and Spirituality, organized by Dev Sanskrit University, Haridwar.

Kaliji arrived in the early afternoon of October 3rd. She was accompanied by Dr. Miguel Rivera (Dr. G), who was to present medical facts on the benefits of the Yoga Lifestyle.

Kaliji was greeted by Dr. Chimay Pandya, who expressed their excitement and appreciation to have her present at the conference.

Kaliji was welcomed by Dr Chinmay Pandya at the lecture on Spirituality and Medical Yoga.

Kaliji gave a brilliant Yoga discourse.

The afternoon program was full, with delegates and presenters attending from many countries.

Dr. G presented medical facts on the benefits of a Yoga Lifestyle.

Kaliji received the honorary guest plaque of Dev Sanskrit University.

Dr. G’s talk was well received.

After the session, Kaliji met with Dr. Chinmay Pandya to hear the story of Dev Sankrit University (or Devi Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya). This organization is impressive not only in its size and numbers (thousands of centers around the world), but most of all by the service it offers. Dr. Pandya showed Kaliji a book of historic pictures, with each page accompanied by a story of great inspiration.

Later that afternoon, Kaliji went to visit Sri Ganapati Sachachidananda Swamiji’s Ashrama in Haridwar – Bhadra Kali Ashrama on the banks of the Ganga. The famous photo of Kaliji in meditation was taken at this ashrama in 1989, before she met Sri Swamiji. This was her first time to visit this place in the months following monsoon season, to find the Ganga so full-flowing.

Kaliji was seated by Dr. Pranav Pandya, the University Chancellor, during an outstanding cultural event.

Each performance had a deep spiritual meaning with a colorful, unique presentation. Each act was created, directed and performed by the students of the university.

Krishna and Arjuna

Garbha Dance – traditional dance of Gujarat that uses sticks, especially popular during Navaratri.

The story of Durga killing the demon.

An excellent play on Yoga Sutras

The 8-limb yoga acted out through asana

Dancers of various traditions (states of India) concluded the performance.

The procession of dancers carried this large bright light off the stage to Kaliji.

Watch the recording of the Cultural program here.

The next morning, Kaliji gave a keynote address on TriYoga at the Spiritual session (the main event of the day).

Kaliji lighting up the lamp with Dr Pranav Pandya.

Kaliji is welcomed.

The auditorium was filled to capacity for Kaliji’s discourse.

Kaliji seated among the presenters, enjoying the music performance that opened the program.

Kaliji gave the keynote address on TriYoga.

You can watch the morning program here (Kaliji’s keynote begins at about 51 min).

Dr Pranav and Kaliji after Kaliji’s keynote.

Kaliji is given a token of appreciation.

Kaliji was also interviewed by the local TV station.

Kaliji departed right after the morning session to catch her evening flight from Delhi to Kyoto, Japan.

While in Haridwar, B.C. from Iron Horse Adventures graciously offered the transportation and friendship.

One more interesting element of exterior decor at Delhi airport: pillars with mosaics. This one has mudra and tabla! Kaliji is studying tabla with Prasann, so we enjoyed seeing mudra and tabla together.


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