Kaliji's Europe Tour ~ Vienna

///Kaliji's Europe Tour ~ Vienna

Kaliji taught more 4 days of programs in Vienna, organized by Yoga Austria.

Kaliji with Erika, the chair of Yoga Austria (the Austrian Yoga Association). Erika has been on the board of Yoga Austria for 15 years, and for 10 years as chairwoman. She will retire from the board in March . Her seva is highly admirable.

Thursday was an Intro to TriYoga class.

And Friday through Sunday offered more TY sessions.

Kaliji had several TY teachers as assistants for her programs ~

(from left, rear) Mercury (who offered wonderful chanting), Elke, Tanja, Peter
(front) Matarani, Eva-Maria, Mitradeva, and Nora (Erika’s assistant).

Mercury, Monica and TY teacher Mitradeva.


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