Kaliji's China Tour ~ Nov 13 & 14

///Kaliji's China Tour ~ Nov 13 & 14

On Nov 13, Kaliji traveled to Kunming, a city located in the central Yunnan Province, on the edge of Lake Dian. Kunming has a population of 3 million, and it has very mild weather year round so is sometimes called ‘Spring City’. China has 52 native tribes, and 26 are located in the area of Kunming.

The Mo Shu tribe, shown below, is a tribe where the man takes care of household duties and the woman works outside the home.

The Yi tribe, said to be ancestors of the Japanese, are fond of tigers.

While in Kunming, Kaliji was interviewed for the local newspaper, and taught several TriYoga classes.

Hosting Kaliji in Kunming were Bobo (second from left), teacher at Fine Yoga Stadium, and Deng Xi Yan (right), owner of the studio.


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