Kaliji's Birthday Celebration ~ April 11-13

///Kaliji's Birthday Celebration ~ April 11-13

April 11 was Kaliji’s birthday, celebrated over the weekend with a Level 3 TriYogathon in Malibu, incredible dinner
of Indian food, and musical entertainment.
Many students traveled to Malibu for the weekend, coming from Germany, Massachusetts, Chicago, Las Vegas and Santa Cruz.

Level 3 TriYogathon

Mitradeva jumps to slant

After the Friday evening TriYoga flow session, students attended a Sanskrit class via Skype with Dr. Sarasvati Mohan in Bangalore.

Kaliji opens gifts from students.

Francesca and her daughter Jasmine gave a beautiful Durga murti.

A new section of the website that has been overseen by Brahmi and will soon be available for KRIYA members,
was presented to Kaliji. Here, Ganga shows the sections of the new site.

Following the workshop on Saturday evening was a dinner prepared by Usha Patel, a devotee of Sri Swamiji
and TriYoga teacher from Southern California. Over 40 enjoyed her fabulous meal.

Preparation for dinner

Kaliji’s birthday cake, prepared by Kelli, featured Kaliji’s hands in Trikona mudra.

The evening’s entertainment included chanting and songs written for Kaliji by Daya and Eva-Maria and Ganga.


Nada and Mercury

Eva-Maria & Ganga

Maria sang a song in honor of the Divine Mother.

(Thank you to Chris Bratt and Juli Loupe for the many beautiful photographs.)


Jaya Guru Devi

Our Dear Swami Kaliji, Happy Birthday!!!

You came to Earth with smiling face,
Your body dances with divine grace,
You want this world to be great place
And share The Knowledge from the space.

You teach true health and open heart,
And happy spirit, peaceful mind,
You teach the secret how to flow
Everywhere you are and everywhere you go.

You shine such love to each and all,
That we all want to join the flow!
Blessed we met you that time ago,
Oh Kaliji, we love you SO!

Happy Birthday!!!
TriYoga Family from Ukraine.


Happy Birthday Kaliji

You are in my thoughts heart and Flows everyday…and today especially. Then, I remembered today is the day Kaliji’s physical body choose to take on form, and be a vessel to share the ageless magic of the Tri Yoga Flows with the planet. Millions have been touched and like me are so deeply grateful. I was just thinking that if it weren’t for you carrying the message I would most likely still be flowing, but my eyes would not have been opened to what that truly meant. Thank you for seeing clearly the light at the root of all.
Thank you for being my teacher.

With deep love,

Stephanie Bridwell


“You are the Light of the Universal Beauty, that shines like the Sun for millions of people and thank God, s/he has such a wonderful daughter! Happy Birthday!”

Tatiana Vasilieva
Siberia Russia


...in the flow