Happy Birthday, Kaliji!

///Happy Birthday, Kaliji!
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Arizona, USA

Joyeux Anniversaire Chere Kaliji!

Jaya Guru Devi from Matys, Alexander, Gayatri.  Love you…

Happy Birthday from Gaytri, Matys & Alexander

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Dearest Kaliji,

Happy Birthday to you~

Today,we are chanting for celebrate your birthday in class. Grateful to meet TriYoga and makes me see you again.

The photo below was produced by TriYoga enthusiast。Sometimes we share food,talk yoga…Sweet moment with you!:)

Durga Dasi

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TYC Berkshires, Massachusetts (USA)

Happy Birthday from Berkshires




I made bliss balls for Prasad for your birthday. Berkshire TriYoga celebrated with yoga, breathing and meditation.

Much love to you on this wonderful day!






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Berlin, Germany

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Happy Birthday from Lila Ananda

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Moscow, Russia

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New York, USA

Happy Birthday from NY

Happy Birthday beloved Kaliji!

We love you, and miss you, and send you lots of love and celebrations on your birthday:).


Thank you for being you. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for being.

Love love love,


Kara, Edward, Lula and Joshua tigers

Also, Joshua wants you to know its his birthday today too. He is four!

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Siberia, Russia

Beloved Kaliji!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
Kaliji – Light and Fire that shine through universe giving love and light of Wisdom to all!!! Kaliji is shining tenderness and Power (Strength), Blissful Love and all-embracing Silence! My heart hugs You with tenderness and I am grateful, grateful, grateful!!!!
All You siberian students wish You Happy Birthday from the bottom of their hearts. With love and gratitude, Anada
Jaya Guru Devi
Dear Kaliji!
I am grateful to he Highest Creation for Your incarnation and for the opportunity to carry inner knowledge and wisdom on the outer world. May each of Your step be heard by the flowers of joy, gratitude, love and honesty.  I love You with all my heart.
Bodosova Tatyana
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Heart vibrations from Sweden.
Two Mothers practicing Triyoga during pregnancy. Their children, soon two years old, LOVES the yoga room. Specially when Daniel is there playing with them and all the blocks:))) Thank YOU!!!

In the FLOW

Jaya Guru Devi


More: Kaliji’s Birthday Celebrations in State College, PA


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