Kaliji's Australia Tour ~ March 21 & 22

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Kaliji arrived in Melbourne on Friday morning, March 21. Accompanied by assistant Kelli, she will teach 3 days of TriYoga programs prior to the beginning of Sri Swamiji’s 6 day visit.

Kaliji began documenting the tour with this photo from the plane as it began to descend toward Melbourne.

Friday night was the full moon, and Kaliji visited a Ganapati temple in the area. When she was here with Sri Swamiji in 1991, this location was just open space. Problems with zoning and permits had delayed the groundbreaking for the temple, but directly after Sri Swamiji’s visit, all obstacles were removed and the building was begun.

During the evening puja that Kaliji attended, 15 new Ganapati mudras were born. The image of Ganapati is visible in each of them, as shown in these two:

Saturday was the first TriYoga session, attended by 23 teachers, students, and Datta devotees. The participants all loved the TriYoga flows and talk on Prana Vidya that Kaliji gave.


...in the flow