Yogini Kaliji and Chant Club in Moscow, Russia

///Yogini Kaliji and Chant Club in Moscow, Russia

Yogini Kaliji returned to Moscow, Russia from November 2–5 for a program at the new Voykovskaya location of Prana Yoga Center. Kaliji and Chant Club performed on the first three evenings, and Kaliji taught a full schedule of TriYoga on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Thanks to the success of the visit and the students’ enthusiasm for TriYoga and Chant Club, Kaliji’s return to Prana has been announced for November 2019.

Kaliji’s classes in Moscow averaged over 70 students, filling the largest hall at Prana. Kaliji’s effortless presentation of Jnana, Yogaflow, and Prana Vidya was complemented beautifully by the focus and commitment of the Russian students and their deep, thoughtful questions.

Chant Club’s unique chant rock sound was a hit! Chant Club performed as always with Kaliji on vocals and keyboard and Berni on guitar. They were joined by Ramanujan on mridangam, who last performed with the band in Europe, Summer 2017.


Kaliji first visited Russia and presented TriYoga in 1992. Since Kaliji’s initial visits, TriYoga groups have grown in cities across Russia and neighboring Ukraine. Additional visits by Kaliji and TY teachers through the intervening years, and the recent teacher training programs, have brought in many new students and teachers. Whenever Kaliji returns, the TriYogis reunite. Their open-hearted expressions of love and gratitude are truly special.

Wishes and testimonials written for Kaliji.

Kaliji was interviewed by Russian website Vegetarian.ru.


Moscow TY teacher Uliana was coordinator for Kaliji’s visit. She teaches regular TY classes at Prana and conducts TY Teacher Trainings as a member of the junior-level TYTT staff.


Ukraine TY teachers Alena and Aditi are designers and creators of Hanuman brand yoga clothing. They presented Kaliji with a custom-made outfit.


Senior-level TY teacher Rishi offered alignment assistance during Kaliji’s TriYoga programs and technical support for Chant Club. He also taught a TY class on November 7 and was interviewed by Prana. Rishi and Uliana begin the next Basics TYTT at Prana in Spring 2019.

Ganga, TY teacher and team member from the USA, offered Russian translation for all of Kaliji’s programs.

Alexander from Moscow was the light designer and technician for Chant Club’s performances. He is also Ganga’s brother!


Prana Yoga Center has been a home to TriYoga classes, workshops, and teacher trainings in Moscow for the past five years. Prana founder Mikhail is a friend and supporter of Yogini Kaliji and TriYoga. The spectacular new Voykovskaya location opened this year and features a 285 square meter (3,000 square feet) main teaching room plus many additional teaching spaces, a vegetarian (and predominately vegan) café, and even a small hotel for visiting teachers and students. Prana Voykovskaya received the 2018 Interia “Public Space Award” as the best new public space.


Moscow is a great city for vegan! There are many vegan and vegetarian restaurants to choose from, and many vegan items in local stores. Every year vegan awareness is growing and expanding in Moscow and across Russia.

Kaliji enjoyed the views of Moscow at night, and took these sightseeing photos.

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